UPDATE 1/20: Legislation to repeal the hybrid car tax advanced in the Virginia General Assembly Monday with a near-unanimous approval by the full Senate and the House Finance Committee.

The full House is set to vote on the measure in the coming days. The governor would then have to sign the bill.

UPDATE 1/15: A Virginia Senate committee approved legislation Wednesday that would repeal the $64 annual fee on hybrid vehicles created in last year's transportation bill.

The bill would eliminate the surcharge and provide refunds to motorists who already paid. The bill cleared the Senate Finance Committee with a 10-5 vote Wednesday morning.

That bill is headed towards a full Senate vote.

NORFOLK---Hybrid car owners are outraged over the transportation funding deal reached in Richmond.

The bill still has to go back to the full House and Senate, but part of the deal requires drivers with hybrids to pay a $100 fee every year.

The idea is that these car owners fuel-up less and essentially pay less in gas taxes.

'I just think it stinks,' hybrid owner Holly Logan said. 'When you're trying to save money and help out the environment you get penalized for it.'

The bill also includes an increase in the sales tax to 5.3% and a transfer of the gas tax to wholesellers.

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