CHESAPEAKE (AP) -- Chesapeake's City Council revisited its approval of a proposed subdivision that the Navy opposes at Tuesday night's meeting.

Four Council members said they wanted to reconsider the rezoning, so the council voted to reconsider the matter on March 19th.

Council members voted 5-4 last week to rezone more than 15 acres a few miles from Fentress Naval Auxiliary Landing Field. Seacrest Homes and Development wants to build a 31-home subdivision on the property.

The property is in a noise zone where the Navy wants to curb development.

The Navy says the council's decision violated a commitment that Chesapeake and Virginia Beach made to reduce density around nearby Oceana Naval Air Station.

The council also voted to make two changes to the rezoning resolution.

One would require the planning commission to look more closely at the noise zones around Fentress Field and calls for them to have a stricter interpretation of them.

The second was to amend the Memorandum of Understanding with the Navy so that the Navy's involvment with the development around Fentress Field would be more in line with that of Va. Beach's development around Oceana. .

The council plans to have a public hearing on the changes on the 19th.

Seacrest president Bill Blankenship says dense suburban development already surrounds the property.

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