VIRGINIA BEACH--If sequestration is not avoided, about $1.2 million will be cut from food assistance programs for senior citizens in Virginia, according to a report released by the White House.

The report details how much money will be cut from the budget, including nutrition assistance for seniors.

Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia said they will have to cut 8,200 meals they deliver to homes, eliminating 35 seniors from their program.

They say they will also have to stop delivering nearly 10,000 meals each year to seniors who are stuck in their homes because of emergencies or severe weather.

'We're looking at substantial cuts. All of those things together are a safety net and it's a health support as well as just a food support,' says Cynthia Creede, Director of Transit and Wellness for the Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia.

Creede says that many of their clients lack the transportation to go grocery shopping or the strength to cook for themselves on a daily basis.

'Somebody's going to have to step in. Who's that going to be?' questions Creede.

Creede adds that the agency will also cut 4,000 meals in their senior nutrition sites, perhaps by closing the centers one day per week.

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