NEWPORT NEWS-- A new bank officially opened in Newport News Thursday- a diaper bank. It may sound strange, but the need is urgent and serious.

It's called The Capital Diaper Bank of Hampton Roads and it's located at the Morrison Family Education Center.

Tresserlyn Jones helped organize the local branch. The non-profit agency is an extension of the Capital Diaper Bank in Richmond.

'This helps people in Hampton Roads and the Eastern Shore who were driving up to Richmond for diapers,' said Jones.

Many parents spend about $100 a month for diapers, which can sometimes be a hardship.

Jones pointed out, 'This is when child abuse will start. A baby in diapers all day, they're going to have issues with diaper rash and they can develop infections. Parents sometimes try to potty train children too soon to get them out of diapers.'

Jones says larger sized diapers for toddlers, children and adults are also needed. Those needing disposal diapers will need a referral from Social Services or United Way.

People who'd like to donate diapers may drop them off at the Morrison Family Education Center, located at 746 Adams Drive in Newport News.

For more information contact Tresserlyn Jones at 757-928-6765 or

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