NEWPORT NEWS- Police arrested two men they say stole Oxycontin from a Newport News pharmacy.

Officers say Robert Lee Schlie Jr. and Matthew Philip Sherman went into the Rite Aid at 10818 Warwick Blvd around 3:30 p.m. Saturday. Within 12 hours, they were in custody.

One pulled a gun and jumped the counter while the other one watched and then they ran out of the store, said police spokesman Harold Eley.

Someone in the parking lot saw them run out and wrote down the license plate and a description of the getaway car.

'It surprises me. I know the people that work here, and I'm sad they had to experience that,' Jim Aguirre said.

Monte Putney says he has lived in the area for many years, and he is surprised the crime happened in a typically quiet shopping center.

'With concerns over the economy, things have been happening. It's making people more anxious and they are taking things into their own hands. I guess they're trying to survive,' he stated.

Schlie Jr., 22, of Williamsburg, and Sherman, 24, of Newport News are each charged with robbery, conspiracy to commit a felony and the use of a firearm in commission of a felony.

Police said they recovered all the stolen medication - the store's entire stock of about 870 pills.

'There's a very high value in selling the pills,' said Det. Charles Howser.

He said Oxycontin has a street value of 50 cents to $1.00 per milligram. Some of the pills were 80MG.

Police added that both men carried a gun, but one of the weapons was a fake.

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