NORFOLK-- It's a job that's only around for about four months each tax season but this week Joe had a chance to be a waver for Liberty Tax.

The tax preparation service calls their in-your-face promotion 'guerrilla marketing.'

'You know, people love them or hate them, there's not a lot of middle-of-the-road. There are business people here in Hampton Roads that despise them.' said Liberty COO Rufe Vanderpool.

Joe learned that the good ones can earn $10 or more an hour and it is all about thinking out of the box.

'A marketer thinks outside of a box which is excellent. And then 'guerrilla marketing' tries to think outside of that box. So, it's things that haven't been thought of,' said Jake Vinluan, Liberty Tax Marketing Dept.

Liberty waver Jennifer Spiak is an occupational therapist in her other life. She says she gets a great workout when she aerobically waves on General Booth Boulevard.

'I actually wore a heart rate monitor once and I burned 1800 calories,' said Spiak.

So, how would Joe do as a Liberty waver?

'I think you would love it. At first you probably wouldn't like it, but once you start getting honks and making people laugh, you would really like it. I think everybody would,' said waver Louis Gavin.

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