NORFOLK Sequestration, Department of Defense furloughs and other federal budget cuts could have a big impact on not only military operations but also community services in Hampton Roads.

Carol McCormack, President and Chief Executive Officer of the United Way of South Hampton Roads, worries about the impact on services to the community's most needy citizens.

McCormack says there could be significant impact on charitable donations and the ability of United Way agencies to deliver services to their clients.

The good news is, the local United Way is fully funded for the rest of this fiscal year, but McCormick is concerned if workers are furloughed or laid off, fundraising will be affected in Fiscal Year 2014, which begins October 1.

It's estimated up to 39,000 DOD workers in Hampton Roads could face furloughs. Originally, the number of unpaid days was scheduled to be 22. That number was reduced to 14 and recently it's been widely reported the number could drop to seven or less.

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