VIRGINIA BEACH---Some Virginia Beach residents are having a change of heart about extending light rail in the wake of violence at the Oceanfront two weeks ago.

However, the is still sparking interest from developers who are willing to extend the Tide into Virginia Beach.

One of the developers, former Hampton Roads Transit CEO Phil Shucet, says 100 percent of the risk of cost and schedule would be on the private side. In other words, there would be no risk to the City of Virginia Beach or the Virginia Beach taxpayers for cost overruns.

But some residents are hoping Virginia Beach can backtrack on the decision to move forward with the extension because they are worried the wrong clientele will have easy access to Atlantic Avenue.

'They need to wait a little bit,' said Samantha Haley. 'They need to wait and see how things smooth out with all of that.'

Others feel the extension has nothing to do with the recent violence.

'A criminal is going to be a criminal,' said Beth Sally Sue. 'They're going to go do what they do, and it's sad and unfortunate, but don't stop the train from coming to Virginia Beach because we need it.'

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