NORFOLK -- Police arrested a woman outside Kmart on North Military Highway after she supposedly stole a car with Erica Howard's children in it.

Howard said she left the car idling when she stopped at a friend's home on Bonnot Drive Wednesday night. Her 6-year-old son Austin and her 7-year-old daughter Trinity were in the car.

That's when police say Cyleta Baylor got in the car and drove off.

'She came out, and my mom started screaming, and she heard her, and she just zoomed off,' recalled Trinity.

Howard said the friend called 911. A cousin who lives in the neighborhood and was driving through it recognized Howard's car, saw Howard's children in it but knew Howard wasn't driving. The cousin did a U-turn and followed the car. Police said she also called 911.

'It was very scary. It was like a nightmare,' Trinity said. 'It was really God that helped me, and I'm glad to be back with my family.'

Officers caught up to Baylor outside Kmart about 8 minutes after getting the first call.

Neither Trinity nor her brother were hurt.

'It happened so fast, and it could have went a total different way,' said a thankful Howard.

Baylor, 37, is charged with abduction and grand larceny. She is undergoing a mental evaluation and will appear in juvenile and domestic court on Friday at 9 a.m.

Police said Thursday no charges have been placed against Ms. Howard at this time and that their investigation continues.

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