What is it? an indoor/outdoor motion and light sensor activated light

What does it claim? to be automatic and no wiring required

Who tested it? Chesapeake resident Brian Eaton

What Are The Instructions? You first need to install a 9 volt battery into the Mighty Light. Just open the battery compartment by pulling back the tab on the back. The batteries typically last 6 months to 1 year under normal use. Your Mighty Light will turn on after you install the batteries. if it doesn't make sure they are installed properly and that they are making a secure contact with the terminals. Once that's done you can determine where you are going to put your Mighty Light. If you plan to mount it by screwing it in you should first insert the screw into the wall with head of screw protruding approximately 1/4 of an inch. If you are installing it on a very hard surface, you may need to pre-drill a hole for the screw. A screw anchor is including with your Mighty Light in case you are putting it in drywall, cement, brick or similar surfaces. You just slide Mighty Light onto the screw.

If you are using the adhesive to hang your Mighty Light just peel it and stick it on the back of the mounting plate. Attach second adhesive to your desired wall location and press. Use caution using and removing all adhesives on wall surfaces as some could damage wall surfaces. Now just attach and hang our Mighty Light.

Now your Mighty Light is ready to go. The built-in motion sensor automatically turns on the light when movement is detected in the area. The light remains on as long as motion continues to be detected. The light will automatically turn off 30 seconds after last motion is detected. There is no on/off switch, the light can only be activated by motion. The built-in photo sensor allows the light to only be turned on at night or in darkness, conserving energy.

Did it work? Eaton really liked it. He said he could use it in a lot of different places. He really liked that you didn't have to have special wiring to make it work, that it only took a single 9Volt battery. Unlike a flashlight that he would sometimes have to use he didn't have to worry about his kids getting a hold of it and the batteries being worn out when he needed it. He says he plans to buy a couple of them.. especially since he didn't think they were that expensive.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Mighty Light at Walmart for $9.88.

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