HAMPTON - Some Hampton High school students have been suspended for a senior prank.

Chandala Waters is one of them. She says the plan on May 20 was to run down the hallways with tissue and ribbons and silly string and put 2013 signs on the walls. But she says some students went too far, putting stink bombs, condoms and tampons on the principal's door.

After the prank, she says the students had to write statements about their involvement.

'Yes, I was a part if the prank, but no I was not involved with the stink bombs and tampons on the teacher's door,' she stated.

Waters says she was suspended for 10 days and might not get to walk for graduation. She's also concerned about losing scholarship money.

'Not all the seniors at Hampton High did wrong; only the senior who did do wrong should get in trouble,' she added.

Many of the students have scholarships. One was the prom king and the other was prom queen. Another is one of the country's top culinary students.

Hampton Schools spokeswoman Anne Stephens-Cherry said, 'The students termed it it 'a Senior prank.' However, due to the nature of the event, the students were disciplined in accordance with our Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. While it has been rumored to the contrary, the students involved will in fact be allowed to participate in their graduation ceremony.'

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