VIRGINIA BEACH Bobby Lafoon has been working to remove the tainted Chinese drywall from his home for years.

'We've been unable to use part of our house, which is 1800 square ft, for almost three years.'

Matters got worse when he was diagnosed with kidney disease, forcing him to be on dialysis three days a week. After hearing about his sickness, friends came to lend a helping hand.

'The man has kidney disease and needs assistance. I had a Chinese drywall home myself, and I know how heart aching it can be to do those repairs,' Jason Mclain said,

About 300 local families were affected by Chinese Drywall. Lafoon, Mclain and Patrick Ryan all believe the faulty material made them sick.

'We finished our house of October 2010. In June 2011, I was diagnosed with a mass on my kidney. We had it removed and it turned out to be cancer,' Ryan explained.

'I had a condo in Williamsburg, with Chinese drywall. I lived in it for 3 and half years. I got it finally fixed, moved back in to find out I had cancer,' Mclain said.

On top of health concerns, Chinese drywall is not covered by insurance. Families like the Lafoons had to cover the cost. They say a little help goes a long way.

'I'm kind of overwhelmed on how many people have come out today to help.'

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