CHESAPEAKE- Last week two men were chased and repeatedly scratched and bitten by a stray cat and that animal turned out to be rabid, according tio Jeffrey Goodchild of tthe Environmental Health Office here.

Now, health officials want to find anyone else who may have been bitten or scratched by the feline.

'Unfortunately rabies tends to make the animals crazy,' Goodchild told WVEC. 'The best way to stay safe is to not approach a stray animal. Also, if you see a fox or raccoon in daylight call Animal Control immediately.'

The two known cases happened on June 6 at a business in the 1600 block of S. Military Highway.

The Health Dept. is also looking for a white female with dark hair that may have encountered the cat in the parking lot of the Burger King located at 1620 S. Military Hwy.

The cat had to be euthanized in order to test for rabies.

If you were exposed to the cat, get in touch with the health department or animal control-Chesapeake Health Department at 757-382-8672 or Chesapeake Animal Control at 757-382-8080.

Health Department spokesman Larry Hill says rabies can be prevented in humans with appropriate post-exposure treatment, but once symptoms develop it is always fatal.

-Be sure dogs and cats are up-to-date on vaccinations
-Keep pets confined to home and yard
-Keep yards free of food that could attract wild animals
-Do not handle, touch or take in stray or wild animals
-Warn adults and children to report any animal bites or scratches

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