YORK COUNTY -- Ellwood and Mary Peele looked out a window of their home in the Brandywine subdivision in Grafton late Thursday, when Ellwood Peele noticed a lean to a massive oak in the front yard.

'My husband said, 'Oh, I think that tree's falling,' so we ran to the back and it fell in a matter of seconds,' Mary Peele told 13News. 'You're always afraid for your life at that point because you see something that big coming at you, and you know these trees are huge. You don't realize how huge until they're coming down.'

The oak crashed into the back of the Peeles' pick-up truck and the driver's side of their SUV. It damaged their front porch and part of their home's roof.

'We've been retired about 5 years and spent a lot of money fixing this house up so it looks decent, and now, it's like, 'Here we go again,' Mary Peele said.

Before the storm moved into the Grafton area, it hit Yorktown Village. Julianna Diehl, who is a member of the tall ship Alliance's crew, was along the York River.

'There was, like, gusts up to 70 knots,' Diehl noted. 'I couldn't see anything. There was wind and sand in my eyes, so I was kind of just looking at the dock. I hit the dock a few times, especially because I didn't want a wave to take me over.'

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