CHESAPEAKE -- A bill passed by the North Carolina Senate on Monday has re-ignited a years-long fight against a massive landfill along the North Carolina/Virginia state line.

The bill eases regulations on landfills, relaxing requirements on licensing, size and proximity to state and national parks.

Opponents of the bill say the loosened restrictions will likely lead to a 'mega landfill' being built in Camden County along Highway 17 and the Great Dismal Swamp, just over the state line from Chesapeake, VA.

The landfill, first proposed in 2007, would stretch more than two miles, tower hundreds of feet in the air and be able to take up to 10,000 tons of trash each day from up and down the east coast.

In a statement posted on the city's website following the bill's passage in the North Carolina Senate, the city said the landfill would impact 'both state's economic future, drinking water supply, critical federal military operations, and protected natural resources.'
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