NORFOLK-- Crews have restored water pressure in Larchmont after a water line break.

Saturday night, hundreds of families in the Larchmont neighborhood were without water pressure.

'We have water, but it's a trickle. There is no way to take a shower,' a resident explained.

According to Norfolk Utilities, crews cut into a water main line while working on replacing the culvert at Jamestown Crescent. Crews tried to repair the pipe, but could not. Saturday night, technicians worked to replace the pipe.

The water pressure problem affected all of Larchmont. More than a hundred families called Norfolk's '24-Hour Emergency Number for Water & Sewer Main Breaks' to inquire about the issue.

The Larchmont Civic league sent an email to families, explaining Saturday, before 6p.m., the gas company cut a water main near the Colley Avenue Bridge.

City workers told 13News, the problem was fixed Sunday night.

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