CHESAPEAKE--A Chesapeake man is hoping to cash in on his red Aaron Hernandez jersey.

Ben Kent admits he has a near unhealthy devotion to the New England Patriots, but after former tight end Hernandez was arrested on murder charges, Kent decided he had to sell the #81 jersey.

'I figured once Aaron got arrested, it was probably best to part ways with the jersey,' said Kent.

Ken posted his NFL official jersey to eBay just hours after police arrested the star athlete last Wednesday.

It was originally posted for $50.00, but soon the bidding sky rocketed.

As of Monday, 4,000 people had viewed it and the asking price swelled to $700.

'To me it's worthless, but a lot of people want to get one and will spend a lot of money for it and they almost spent a lot of money for mine,' said Kent.

But just two hours from the auction closing, eBay pulled the jersey.

Some eBay users complained over Kent's colorful description. Kent wrote in part, 'The color is red, similar to the same color found on Aaron Hernandez's victim a week ago.'

'Yes, very uncomfortable words. Yes, absolutely and it's obviously spoken in jest, trying to make light of a bad situation,' said Kent.

Kent has re-posted his jersey on eBay but under a different name and without a provocative description.

As of Tuesday evening, his re-posted jersey went for $50.00

'I can't wear it in public. I mean, where am I going to wear it? I mean, I know every time I would wear it I would get tons of comments, plus it just wouldn't feel right,' said Kent.

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