VIRGINIA BEACH There was a run with a twist at Mount Trashmore Sunday morning.

Runners crossed the finish line, and then packed bags for the homeless.

'We're packing 100 bags today, but our goal is to do 500. We are trusting in God that we'll get it done, and help the homeless,' Amanda Whitney said.

The Gathering United Methodist church organized the run. The idea is racers can take the bags, and keep them in their cars. If they see a homeless person, they can give a bag. 'If they see a homeless person on the side of the road, they can deliver the bag and pay it forward,' Rachel Gilmore said.

The race marked number 368 for Linda Sunny Fox. After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, the retired command master chief was told exercise would help in her recovery. She has a goal to run 1,000 races.

Runners also got a chance to sing cards for military families who have lost loved ones.

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