VIRGINIA BEACH--A local doctor is offering to help customers stranded without options after two local Sona MedSpa offices shut down unexpectedly last week.

Customers received an email on July 3 from Sona MedSpa saying the offices in Virginia Beach and Newport News were closed.

Effie Rider, who went to the Virginia Beach office for more than seven years, said she showed up to the office for her regularly scheduled treatment on July 2 and found an empty room.

'My appointment was July 2nd, and I had another one July 8th, and next thing you know it was just nothing,' Rider said.

Now, Dr. David McDaniel is offering customers like Rider help. Any customer who can prove they pre-paid for laser hair removal treatment at Sona MedSpa will be eligible to receive one free treatment at his office between now and Labor Day.

'That would at least tie people over until the dust settles,' McDaniel said.

McDaniel is able to offer the free service, in part, because of new Vectus laser technology his office recently installed, which can treat the same amount of area in a fraction of the time.

Byron Ashbridge, president of Sona MedSpa's corporate office, told 13News Now the company is working to take over the two offices in Hampton Roads and three other franchises in the Richmond area. Once the takeover is complete, Ashbridge said, the company will work on offering affected customers a solution to the treatments they paid for.

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