CLARKSVILLE, ARK - Come August, when the new school year begins in Clarksville, Arkansas, some teachers will carry a slightly heavier workload - 9mm handguns.

The school district is making use of a state law that allows teachers to carry concealed handguns on campus.

'We're here for the kids. And we want to protect them and we want them to be safe. And this gives us an avenue to protect them until regular law enforcement can get here,' argues Cheyene Dougan, the assistant principal at Clarksville High School.

The law allows licensed, armed security guards on campus, so the district recruited 20 volunteers - teachers, administrators and other staff members.

The move doesn't have 100% support - gun control advocates are alarmed.

'If the best cops in the world are inadvertently hitting innocent pedestrians, what's going to happen in a school if a gunman comes in and teachers pull out of their guns. Scared to think more kids will lose their lives,' states Colleen Daley with the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

Clarksville High will be the only school in the state to have teachers carrying concealed 9MM handguns.

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