What is it? an instant slushy maker

What does it claim? to turn any drink into a slushy. Just squeeze it to freeze it!

Who tested it? 8-year-old Anna Olszowy and her mother Jeanne, who live in Norfolk

What Are The Instructions? You first need to hand wash your Squeezy Freezy and all it's components before you use it.

For best results, let Squeezy Freezy freeze completely before you use it. That should take at least 3 hours in most freezers. You don't have to put the cap or straw in the freezer, but you can if you want to.

Once it's frozen, remove Squeezy Freezy from the freezer and fill it with your favorite cold drink. The colder the drink, the better the slushy. Be sure not to overfill your Squeezy Freezy - use no more than 8 ounces of liquid or about half an inch below the lip of the cup. Then just screw on the lid and let the drink sit for at least a minute. The longer your drink sits, the faster it will turn into a slushy.

Now you're ready to squeeze the cup. Just keep squeezing and watch as your drink turns into a slushy. That is supposed to take in less than a minute. Use the spoonstraw that comes with the Squeezy Freezy to enjoy your slushy. If you remove the lid it's easier to access the slushy with the spoon side.

To clean your Squeezy Freezy, take it apart. First, remove the lid by turning it counterclockwise. Then separate the upper collar from the lower collar by turning it counter clockwise. Be sure to turn carefully and slowly. Next separate the upper collar, center collar and lower collar for washing. The Freezy sleeve can now be removed from the cup.

A few other notes:DO NOTdisassemble Squeezy Freezy when it's frozen. Also be careful not to puncture or poke the Freezy Sleeve. If your Squeezy Freezy does get opened, pierced or there's any leak, DO NOT use it.

Did it work Anna really wanted it to work. She kept trying to make it work by squeezing and squeezing. But in the end, she didn't really get the slushy she was looking forward to drinking. She got a really cold drink that had a little bit of ice form in it. But Anna's mother Jeanne confirmed the drink she got was no where near being able to be called a slushy. They gave Squeezy Freezy a thumbs down.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Squeezy Freezy at Walmart for $14.88.

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