SUFFOLK -- Police are reminding people to lock their cars and be mindful of who's around them. There have been dozens of cases of car break-ins or people rummaging through unlocked cars in recent weeks.

'The toy bag in the back had been dumped, and at first I was gonna kind of, you know, get upset with the kids,' Maggie Stoup told 13News Now.

Stoup lives in Burbage Grant, one of the areas hit in a day that saw more than 12 incidents. Others included Harbour View where 3 people who work in Harbour View Marketplace became victims. People at the shopping center said there have been several cases besides those.

An officer who came to Stoup's home on Oakglen Drive said thieves seem to be going after small or portable electronic devices.

'Just the thought of somebody being in your space and going through your stuff and being that close to my family, you know, it was, it really creeped me out,' Stoup said.

Whoever went through Stoup's minivan took nothing.

Somebody did take items from Oscar Bazemore's car which was parked in front of his home on Glenrose Drive.

That includes Bazemore's saxophone and a backpack.

'The bookbag had a flash drive in there for work, so I have nothing that I have done for the past two years of me being at my job,' said Bazemore.

He and Stoup are of the same frame of mind following the incidents.

'Double checking that everything is locked, making sure we, you know have lights on outside, and just keeping in contact with our neighbors and stuff if anybody sees anything weird,' Stoup said.

Locations of recent cases include:

Smith Street

Causey Avenue

Scottsfield Drive

South Broad Street (3)

Cambridge Drive

Oakglen Drive (2)

Coxley Lane

Glenrose Drive

Harbour Towne Parkway (3)

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