UPDATE: Robert Gey, the traffic engineer for Virginia Beach, says the city will conduct a traffic safety study on Prosperity Road. The study will take 4-5 weeks. Improvements that could be made, based upon the results of the study, could include more signage, and/or extending the guard rail.

The driver, Kenneth Hopson, has been charged with Reckless Driving.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- The driver of a convertible is recovering after his car shot through a fence and into the back of a home in Park Place Monday.

The car went off Prosperity Road in a bend and ended up inside the house on Electric Court.

'I still don't understand how he got through there, and there's that pole that he missed. You know, this guy's very lucky. If he'd have hit that pole, he'd have been a goner, surely,' said Carmine Mode who lives next door to the house the car hit.

He and others tell 13News Now a young couple owns the home. The husband and wife moved out recently with their child. The house is empty while they try to rent it.

'That's where the television is,' said Mode, referring to where the car stopped. 'She could have been sitting there with the baby watching television. It would have hit her.'

Mode and his wife, Lydia, explained on 3 occasions, cars have come off Prosperity Road and ended up on their property.

'When you turn the curve, you kind of seem to lose control and go straight,' Lydia Mode said. 'We feel that if they were to extend that guardrail, it would make it safer.'

Piggybacking off his wife, Mode added, 'Put the guardrail closer to the road, not back.'

Virginia Beach police are handling the investigation as to why the car went off the road.

'I am concerned, but I love the area. I mean, and I just keep fighting for more guardrail, more protection,'

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