What is it? a10-piece kit with plastic pieces that can be used to help you create fun edible shapes out of fruit, vegetables and more.

What does it claim? that you'll be able to pop out mouth watering masterpiece treats in just seconds

Who tested it?Virginia Beach resident Kendall Shuffler and her two children, Austin and Charlotte

What Are The Instructions? Before you get started, use warm, soapy water to clean and then rinse all the cutters and parts included in the Pop Chef. Now you're ready to go. You need to first assemble your Pop Chef. You do that by holding the Air Bulb and Cap and then inserting the Stem into the Cap and twisting the Stem clock-wise until it's tight. While you're still holding the Air bulb, Cap and Stem choose a Cutter Shape and twist it onto the bottom of the Stem until it is secure.

When cutting fruit or vegetables with the Pop Chef you need to make sure the food you are using is one inch thick or thinner. Pop Chef needs air pressure to pop fruit from the cutter. Porous foods such as certain breads or overripe fruit may not pop from the cutter as easily. For best results in this case, cut one piece at a time. If food gets stuck inside the cutter, remove the cutter from the stem and gently poke the blunt end of a skewer through the air hole and push the food out. The best cuts are made when the cutter is straight up and down and on a flat surface. Do not cut on an angle. It's also important to make sure the stem is properly locked into the cutter prior to using. Then all you have to do is pick the fruit and cutter you want to use and start making your fun shaped tasty treats.

Did it work? The Shufflerswere not very impressed. They thought Pop Chef was going to be a lot easier to use. They ran into some problems trying to make their 'tasty treats.' Even after following the trouble shooting instructions that came with the Pop Chef kit they still had trouble. They found that making the treats took a lot longer than they thought it would. After giving Pop Chef a good try on a lot of different fruit varieties they decided it was not a product they would like to use again.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase The Pop Chef at Walmart for $10.88.

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