NORFOLK--The City of Norfolk wants to get the word out that new FEMA money will become available for residents who have suffered flood damage.

The city will be applying for competitive FEMA mitigation grant funds on behalf of property owners designated as Severe Repetitive Loss properties by the National Flood Insurance Program.

The grant money is used to elevate homes.

Due to new program guidance, some projects may be eligible for full funding by FEMA. If approved there may be no cost share requirement for property owners.

Joe Link has lived in the Surry Crescent section of Larchmont for 23 years and has had three major flooding episodes that destroyed his garage. He was thrilled to hear news of new money.

'Wow. That is great to hear. I will definitely contact the city about this,' Link said.

There is a short window of availability for this round of funding. SRL property owners, regardless of previous project denial, should contact Latoya Vaughn in the Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response at (757) 441-5600 or by Friday August 30, 2013.

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