VIRGINIA BEACH -- Wave City Care has a mission of enhancing its community one life at a time. Saturday, group members enhanced 3 different schools at a time.

'Well, man, it is so important to learn to take ourselves out of the equation and to serve other people,' said volunteer Joy Durham. 'If I could be any part of helping out as the kids come back to school and having an amazing building to come back to, I am more than happy to do it.'

Wave City Care did a lot of sprucing up at Bettie Williams Elementary School in Virginia Beach as well as Tidewater Elementary and Campostella Elementary in Norfolk.

'Great day for us. They are building upon beautiful benches back here. They've been hard working with measuring things out,' said Katrina Cherry Manigo, Assistant Principal of Williams Elementary.

'We've got 95 kids in our school that come from impoverished backgrounds and they deserve this,' said Principal Timothy Patrick Sullivan.

More than 400 students will be in the school the day after Labor Day.

'All the wonderful murals that are going to be on our walls, the trim work that is done, all of this mulching that is done, all of the benches that are being built, all of the landscaping that is being done here, wouldn't get done if it weren't for the folks from Wave City Cares,' noted Sullivan.

'We're an initiative. We're a non-profit. We're an initiative of Wave Church, and there's a great volunteer spirit and we say, 'Hey, come on out and help your community,'' Sue Fitzgerald of Wave City Care.

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