HAMPTON -- Residents in a Hampton neighborhood continue to ask questions after a man was murdered Sunday night at a home for adults with mental illness.

Andrew Deloatch, 45, died after police say he was strangled by Darryl Evans, who also lived at the home.

The home is run by Cheryl Pittman and her husband. The Pittmans rent the home from Peninsula Property Management, who said on Monday they had no clue the house was being used as a residence for the mentally ill.

13News Now has learned nobody knew about the home except for neighbors, who noticed the home's mentally ill residents walking up at down the street, sometimes asking for cigarettes or offering to help with household chores.

'It didn't take a rocket scientist to acknowledge that was a program being ran for people that had psychological issues,' Marcel Trower said.

Trower lives right across the street from the home. He and other neighbors say police have been to the house a hand-full of times in recent months.

On Thursday, Pittman said the home has a manager who looks after residents. Police say there weren't any supervisors on-property Sunday night when Deloatch died.

When 13News Now asked Pittman why there wasn't anyone at the home Sunday night, he slammed the door shut.

Our investigation has also uncovered that the Pittmans are operating their home without any licenses or permits from state or local regulators.

A spokeswoman for the City of Hampton confirms the house does not need a permit to house four people who are mentally ill and their supervisor.

Deloatch, who died Sunday night, received mental health treatment from the Hampton/Newport News Community Services Board, 13News Now has learned. But a spokesman for the group said there was not a facility open for him to live where he could receive treatment.

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