PORTSMOUTH -- With five days to go until a possible government shutdown, civil servants in Hampton Roads are starting to get a little nervous that they could be subjected to furloughs once again.

DOD workers were furloughed earlier this year for six days thanks to sequestration.

More than 22,700 people are part of the navy's civilian work force, with some 5,000 of them employed at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth.

Under a shutdown, they could be told to stay home, or be required to work for no pay until Congress passes a spending plan.

According to an Office of Budget and Management memo to federal agencies, some workers could be classified as 'excepted' or 'exempt,' and not subject to furloughs. But many people could be forced to take days off without pay.

'I'm not happy about it, but I'm not going to worry about it,' said 32-year shipyard employee Miriam White-Jones. 'It's hard on everybody, but we've just got to hang in there, see how things go.'

Leaders from the Tidewater Metal Trades Council, which represents many of the employees, declined to appear on camera, but by phone, Chairperson Emily 'Cookie' Harris told 13 News Now the workers are 'scared to death.'

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