NEWPORT NEWS -- The owner of a Newport News Exxon station had more than 400 gallons of gas stolen Monday night.

Harry Surani owns the gas station located at 13377 Jefferson Ave. in Newport News and says he saw what looked like a 'gas stealing gang' on his surveillance video.

'We went and looked at the cameras and, bam, right there, about twenty, thirty cars,' Surani said.

The video shows cars coming up to the last pump at the station, one or two at a time. As soon as one car pulled away, another pulled up.

Surani noticed each person was on the phone while they were getting gas and thinks they may have been calling the next person in line.

Newport News Police are investigating the theft, which Surani says was worth nearly $2,000.

'That's a lot of money!' Surani said. 'If you look at it, one night they stole like two grand. I don't know how many other places they go by every week or so but if you count, that's like thousands and thousands of dollars.'

This isn't the first time this sort of crime has happened in the area. Police say a BP station on Jefferson Avenue previously fell victim to gas thieves.

Surani has been in business for nearly 15 years and says this is the first time something like this has happened to him.

Now he hopes someone can catch the thieves or find a way to keep his pumps safe.

'It makes me more scared now. I don't know what's gonna' happen in the future,' Surani said. 'If they did it anybody else can do it.'

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