CHESAPEAKE --Investigators were back at the scene of Wednesday's deadly crash involving a school bus trying to determine a cause.

Neighbor Jake Williams was one of the first on the scene to help.

'We immediately started getting the kids off the back of the bus and the bus driver was helping them off the front of the bus. And I looked over at the driver of the SUV and you could tell he didn't make it,' said Williams.

The busy intersection will be the scene of many trick or treaters on this Halloween night.

'Oh, sure they will be crossing here going from this area, going down to Peppercorn, and this side is really dangerous,' said neighbor Felicitas Wagner.

One woman came out and placed a cross at the intersection.

'I don't know, it's very touching, it makes me a little bit emotional. And it is the second time we had somebody die here so it was even more sad,' said Christa Ross.

Neighbors hope this incident will convince the city to add a traffic light at the intersection.

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