4/25/14 UPDATE: Police charged 18-year-old Joshua Parker along with eight other juveniles on April 9 in connection to the fight at Oscar Smith Middle School last Halloween. There are 139 charges in total placed on the individuals, authorities said.

Four teenage boys were arrested last December and charged in connection with the incident.

12/13 UPDATE:Police say four teenage boys, ages 13, 16, 17 & 17, were arrested this morning and charged with Maiming by Mob, Malicious Wounding, Conspiring to Commit Malicious Wounding, Conspiracy to Commit Maiming, Attempted Malicious Wounding and Attempted Maiming by Mob.
They have a total of 68 felony petitions.

11/1 UPDATE: Police tell there was not an event going on at the school. They say several kids were there skate boarding. Officer Kelly O'Sullivan also said there were a couple of extra units patrolling around various schools Friday morning.

CHESAPEAKE- One juvenile was taken to the hospital Thursday night after a fight involving as many as 50 young people at Oscar Smith Middle School in Chesapeake.

According to police spokesman Officer Leo Kosinski, about 20 youngsters were hanging out at the school on Rodgers Street when they were confronted by about 30 others. All those involved were of middle and high school age, he said.

A fight broke out around 7:45 p.m. and police were called.

Some of the children were treated for minor injuries; one was taken to the hospital and should recover, Kosinski stated.

Mother Shannon Wiley says her son was skateboarding at the school with eight of his friends when all of the sudden, a group of 30 kids started running at them with baseball bats and metal pipes.

'One of the kids is in the hospital. He was hit in the head with a metal pipe,' Wiley said.

Wiley's son was taken to the hospital for CT scans and was later discharged.

'He has ringing in his ear and he has trouble hearing,' Wiley said.

On Friday he complained of ear pain and doctors found his ear drum was ruptured. Wiley is asking for prayers that her son regains his hearing.

'Right now, he is only hearing echoes from his right ear,' Wiley said.

Officer Kelly O'Sullivan says according to the police report, a bat may have been involved in the attack.

Detectives are still interviewing the 30 to 40 students involved in the fight. Some of the students involved were from Oscar Smith High School, but there were students from other schools too, O'Sullivan said.

'The supervisor says it is going to take some time to figure out the cause of this fight,' O'Sullivan said.

As police investigate, Wiley is hoping for some answers. She said her son is a sophomore at Grassfield High, but his friends go to Oscar Smith. He didn't recognize the attackers.

'My son doesn't know any reason they would do this,' Wiley said.

School officials say there were no activities planned at the school last night.

There have been no arrests.

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