VIRGINIA BEACH- A Hampton Roads man remembers the events of November 22, 1963 all too well.

Retired secret service agent Win Lawson was on duty that fateful day in Dallas and was in the motorcade car directly in front of President John F. Kennedy's limo when the fatal shots were fired.

'That has been with me for fifty years and it'll be with me until I die, my last breath, I'll never get over,' said the 85-year-old Lawson.

Lawson remembers the moment vividly. 'I knew it was a shot and I knew it came from behind me, above me,' he said.

Lawson is convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin, and he's certain there was not a second gunman or a conspiracy of any kind. 'There was not,' he said.

Lawson says that while it has been hard living with the memories for the last half-century, it was especially difficult in the first six months after the shooting.

'When the president was killed, I was absolutely devastated, and for a few months, every time I thought of it, which was often, tears would just coarse down my cheeks.'

Lawson continued with the Secret Service for another 18 years, primarily guarding vice-presidents and working at headquarters in Washington, D.C. He retired in 1981.

Lawson and his wife Barbara are the parents of 13News Now Chief Meteorologist Jeff Lawson.

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