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UPDATE 12/5: A search party found the missing horse deceased in a thick, wooded area near the pasture where he went missing.

Police said it looked as if the animal got its feet tangled in some vines, fell over and couldn't get loose. The vet said the cause of death was colic, dehydration and stress.

ELIZABETH CITY -- Authorities are looking for a horse that was possibly stolen on Thanksgiving Day.

The 16-year-old American Quarter horse, Cajun Cupid, went missing around 7:30 p.m. from the 1000 block of Horseshoe Road in Elizabeth City, authorities said.

Cajun Cupid is sorrel in color, has a white-star strip and snip on his face, two white ankle markings on his back feet, the front hooves are black and the back hooves are white. There is a distinctive notch in the hindquarter muscle on the back of the animal's right hip. The horse does not have shoes, tattoos, or brandings and has a long mane and tail with no halter or blanket.

According to the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office, the horse was originally reported as missing, but due to the ongoing investigation it is being treated as a possible stolen horse.

Several search parties were out over the weekend looking for the horse but he wasn't found.

If you have any information or questions concerning this matter please contact the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office at 252-339-1311 or contact Animal Control at 252-331-1500.

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