RALEIGH, NC-An Edenton man got the wish of a lifetime - an unconditional pardon.

52-year-old Linwood Paul Britton was 17 when he pleaded guilty to robbing a store and has worked hard to turn his life around, Gov. Pat McCrory said Friday inannouncing the pardon.

During his 10-year sentence, Britton earned his GED and took classes in electrical wiring. He joined Jimbo's Jumbos peanuts in Edenton during a work release program and began as a floor worker.

After his release in September 1983, he continue to work at the plant and is vice president of plant operations today.

Brittin and 58-year-old Richard Allen Brown of Panama City, Florida, who was convicted on drug charges, received the pardons today.

'These pardons weren't just granted, they were earned,' said Governor McCrory. 'Paul Britton and Richard Brown paid for their mistakes, turned their lives around and have made significant contributions to our community and nation. They are a testimony to everyone that has been convicted of a crime that it's never too late to turn your life around.'

The pardons will restore citizenship rights that are lost when an individual is convicted of a felony.

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