NORFOLK -- Fire investigators and police are looking into a couple of suspicious fires - the most recent having occurred Sunday afternoon in the Breezy Point Apartments off of Hampton Blvd. near the Naval Base.

No significant damage has resulted, but the incidents have residents on edge.

'It makes me nervous. I dont know why somebody would want to do that, or what joy they got out of doing that. Especially right after Christmas,' said Tiffany Marrow.

Norfolk Fire Department spokespeople tell us the fire today does *not* appear to be accidental.

A few days ago fire crews were out here for a dryer fire in another unit.

The second happened earlier this afternoon when fire fighters responded to a trash can fire in one of the units laundry rooms. It was put out quickly and no one was injured. But this is the second fire this week at the complex.

Investigators were still on scene hours after Sunday's fire was extinguished taking evidence from two locations of possible arson.

Police were also at the scene earlier this afternoon. We've learned that three juveniles have been detained and are being questioned in relation to these fires.

Right now, investigators are not telling us any details about the juvenile suspects.

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