4/30 UPDATE: All charges were withdrawn against Benjamin Fredette and Arya Toufanian, Commonwealth's Attorney spokeswoman Amanda Howie told
For Collin Morisi, she said two of three charges were withdrawn and the remaining charge amended to Disorderly Conduct with the finding taken under advisement (FUA) for 1 year. In the meantime, Morisi is banned from ODU and all ODU territories and he's to be of uniform good behavior.

4/29 UPDATE: Benjamin Fredette is due in Norfolk General District Court Tuesday morning to face charges from the January incident.
UPDATE 1/20:One person associated with the film crew has been arrested in connection with the incident, according to ODU spokeswoman Jennifer Mullen Collins.

Benjamin Fredette, 21, who is employed by I'm Shmacked, was charged with three counts of conspiracy to incite a riot. He is being held in the Norfolk City Jail.

Warrants have also been filed for 26-year-old Collin Morisi of Chesapeake and 21-year-old Arya Toufanian of Potomac, Maryland.

The investigation is still active and ongoing.


NORFOLK City police and Old Dominion University police are investigating the possible role a controversial video series may have played in creating a rowdy, destructive crowd along West 42nd Street Friday night.

Around 11:15 p.m., Norfolk officers got a call about a disorderly crowd in the 1400 block of West 42nd Street.

Students tell 13News Now the mayhem coincided with a visit from 'I'm Shmacked,' a group that travels the country documenting college party scenes.

'A large group of college students was on the street and ended up climbing up in the car completely destroying it, smashing the windshield, ripping off the bumper. It was a pretty terrifying experience,' said Andrew Smith, who lives on West 42nd.

Several police units responded to the area. The scene was cleared around midnight. Officers made no arrests.

Social media lit up with people posting pictures of the ruckus.

The hype spilled out on Twitter, with one person tweeting, 'A guy with a camera comes to a party, and a riot breaks out for him. College is awesome.'

The area is not part of the ODU campus, but Jennifer Mullen Collins, a spokeswoman for the university, told 13News Now that many students live in the area of West 42nd Street.

Anyone with information that could help in the investigation is encouraged to call Norfolk Police.

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