NORFOLK -- 'Any night is a good night for photography,' said Torrance Saunders, who included a windy , snowy Tuesday among the nights.

When he spotted flakes falling outside a building in Downtown Norfolk, he moved a photo shoot with Old Dominion University student Ashlyn Marine to the streets.

'It's really cold, but it's cool,' Marine told 13News Now. 'I like being the center of attention, so it's fun.'

'I like creative stuff, and I always wanted to shoot in the snow,' explained Saunders. 'That's on my bucket list, so I knocked it out tonight.'

On a night marked by cancellations, there was one appointment Cheryl Rheubottom of Virginia Beach had no intention of canceling.

'I had been sick, actually, with the flu, and I've been out of work, and I said, 'Okay, I gotta get my hair done, gotta go back to work. I have an engagement this weekend to go to,'' Rheubottom said as she sat under a hair dryer.

Rheubottom made the drive from Town Center to Norfolk Tuesday evening before winds picked up and her car sat covered with some snow.

'It was not bad at all,' said Rheubottom. It was nothing when I got here, but I'll wipe it off, and hopefully get back to Town Center in one piece.'

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