VIRGINIA BEACH -- Snow is melting in Hampton Roads and winter weather is still causing hazards for drivers- now, it's potholes.

If the temperature drops to freezing Thursday, most pothole repairs will stop, officials told 13News Now on Wednesday.

'Crews can't do the hot mix because of potential ice in the road,' Virginia Beach public works spokesperson Drew Lankford said.

Officials say they can fill potholes with a cold mix, but that's just a temporary fix. They'd rather wait for the weather to warm up so they can use the hot mix, which lasts longer.

In Chesapeake, they have 61 active work orders for potholes.

City spokesman Heath Covey lists the following streets where they are making repairs -- Military Highway, George Washington Highway, Portsmouth Blvd., Stonegate Road, Greenbrier Parkway, Hanbury Road, Jolliff Road and Fairway Drive.

If a pothole is found to be an emergency or pose imminent danger, crews will repair it within 24 hours, Covey said.

'Typically, we designate a week as the pothole repair campaign at the end of the freeze/thaw cycle. That date has not been set yet for 2014, as we are still in the cycle,' Covey said.

Crews fixed 2,173 potholes in Chesapeake during the month of March last year.

Norfolk crews were making temporary cold patch pothole repairs on Brambleton Ave, Virginia Beach Blvd., and Terminal Blvd. on Wednesday. Once the weather gets warm, the city will do a hot mix pothole repair month.

Portsmouth crews have been patching potholes the last three days. On Wednesday, crews worked on High Street before the Churchland Bridge, the Churchland neighborhood and on Hamilton St.

Newport News officials said they are seeing several potholes spread throughout the city. Crews were out repairing potholes Tuesday, but due to weather, crews weren't making any repairs Wednesday.

Suffolk officials also said weather conditions weren't conducive for pothole repairs due to ongoing rain and wet roadways.

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