WILLIAMSBURG-Some residents in a Williamsburg agree on one thing; there are too many deer in their neighborhood. However, they don't all agree on how to handle the problem.

One person in the Holly Hills subdivision organizes bow and arrow deer hunts to thin the herd, but no everyone thinks it's a good idea.

Ann Little feels the lots are too small to hunt.

'I would love to see the city handle this I believe that's the most appropriate way. I don't think it's a matter of private citizens taking this into their control, ' Little said.

Her friend Lois Ullman agrees.

'The safety concerns are 'I shot an arrow into the air where it landed I do not know where.' Arrows don't always make their mark. They might land in the woods. They might land on a path being shot at a deer,' Ullman explained.

Some residents say they don't mind the deer and have put up barriers around the plants the deer like to eat to deter them. While they understand the need to reduce the deer population, they would appreciate knowing when the hunts are scheduled.

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