According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will rack up a $255 million bar tab this St. Patrick's Day-- That's $10 million more than last year-- and an estimated one percent of the annual intake for a bar or liquor store.

The NRF says the average American will spend $35.75 per person.

Eight out of 10 millenials will celebrate the holiday, according to The NRF predicts 90-percent of them will wear green in honor of the holiday.

Among those who will celebrate the holiday, about 31-percent will do it at a bar or restaurant; 33-percent will prepare a special, holiday-themed meal; 21-percent will decorate their home or office; 20-percent will attend a private party.

34.1-million Americans claim Irish ancestry, according to U.S. Census figures-- that's seven times more than the population of Ireland!

Boston claims the title of most-Irish big city in America, with 24.1-percent of its residents claiming Irish heritage.

Boston is home to the oldest St. Patrick's Day parade, dating all the way back to 1737. The event has attracted more than 800,000 party-goers in past years, but that's not even half of what organizers expect for the world's largest St. Patty's Day parade, which is held in New York City; the NYC parade attracts about 2 million visitors.

The shortest St. Patty's Day parade is held in Hot Springs, Arkansas and runs for a whopping 33 yards. Amazingly, the event attracted more than 30,000 visitors in 2013. contributed to this report.

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