VIRGINIA BEACH -- Virginia Beach police are increasing patrols near Town Center after a rash of car break-ins at parking garages.

Police said since January, 21 cars were reportedly broken into.

Misty Prewitt tells 13News Now her car window was smashed this week while parked in a garage.

'I was in front of the elevators in good light. I was on the first floor where there was plenty of traffic - apparently that didn't matter,' said Prewitt.

Not only was Prewitt's window smashed, but someone stole her laptop, bag and nearly $2,000 worth of belongings.

Prewitt says she asked the responding officer to look at surveillance video and he said that there aren't any inside the garages.

'I would rather you spend money on making sure the people that are there are safe. I'm thankful I didn't walk in when the person was stealing from my car,' said Prewitt.

The City's Project Development Manager Robert Hudome tells 13News Now they are aware of the break-ins.

'In all of the car break-ins, something of value, such as a purse or lap top computer, was in plain sight which prompted the break-in. We routinely advise tenants and visitors that are parking in the garages not to leave valuables in the vehicle,' said Hudome.

Hudome also said the City doesn't have any plans to install surveillance cameras in the parking garages because they have them at the entrances and exits of the structures. The buildings are patrolled 24 hours a day by security.

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