VIRGINIA BEACH -- Flood zone maps are changing in Virginia Beach and that means hundreds of homeowners could now be required to get flood insurance.

'We hadn't been restudied in so long,' said Rebecca Lear with the city's Public Works Department.

The last time flood maps were modified in the city was 2009.

Lear says until now, the federal money wasn't available for the extensive studies needed to update the zones.

FEMA has now allowed the city to make the necessary updates.

While 1,000 homeowners will move to a lower-risk zone, 800 homes will now join the flood zone that weren't there before.

'You are going to be required to purchase flood insurance,' said Lear. 'It can be anywhere from $400 a year to $2,000 a year.'

Lear says most of the new additions are near the Elizabeth River and the Back Bay.

Click here to see FEMA's flood zone maps

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