NEW YORK CITY -- It was an emotional end in what has proved to be an outstanding season for the Virginia Cavaliers.

The Cavs fell to No. 4 seed Michigan State 61-59 during the Sweet 16 matchup at Madison Square Garden Friday night.

The loss triggered some deep emotions for the players, especially those who've evolved with the program over the past four years.

'Its rough just to think about my career being over, I'll never play with these guys again,' said senior Akil Mitchell.

'We came in and we wanted to make a difference, we wanted to leave the program in a better spot,' said Joe Harris.

Many of the players say its the sense of brotherhood and overall leadership that will be missed the most.

'Its tough to see Joe, Akil and Thomas go out like that. They've done so much for this program, we wouldn't be in this place without those guys,' said Anthony Gill. 'They put UVA basketball back on the map.'

While it may be the end of the road for some, all signs point to a bright future ahead for this promising young team.

'[They have] big shoes to fill, but I think they have established this program and I think it's going the right way,' Coach Tony Bennett said.
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