NEWPORT NEWS -- There's extra security at Woodside High School in Newport News Friday in response to a shooting threat at the school.

A policeman at the school tells that several officers and a canine have been assigned to watch over the school.

Messages were found on the walls of at least two bathrooms Thursday afternoon indicating that there would be a shooting at the school on Friday. They were written with some type of marker.

Spokesman Lou Thurston says the police are working with school security to make certain that the appropriate measures are in place to keep students, faculty and other workers safe.

'While we will not discuss exactly what steps are being taken, I can tell you there will be an increased police presence at the school,' Thurston explained.

A phone message was sent to all Woodside families Thursday evening informing them of the threatening message, said Newport News spokeswoman Michelle Price.

She said all was well at the school so far Friday. Security scans and other precautions are in place, she noted.

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