What is it? a package of four various size re-usable food wraps

What does it claim? to lock in freshness and seal out spoilage

Who tested it? Norfolk resident Bill Estes

What Are The Instructions? You need to first select the right size Stretch and Fresh sheet for the job. Before you use it, gently remove the plastic protective sleeve. Next, stretch the wrap tightly over the item you wish to cover. The Stretch and Fresh wrap should cling to the sides of the container.

Lift a corner and press the middle gently to remove excess air in the container and ensure an air-tight seal.

All you have to do is peel it off when you need to open the container and save your Stretch and Fresh because it's designed to be used over and over again. For best results, it's recommended that you wash it between uses.

If you plan to use your Stretch and Fresh in the microwave, do not seal the container. Leave a small opening to allow the heat to escape. Do not use Stretch and Fresh in the oven or as a cutting surface. Be sure to keep sharp objects away from it. Also, be sure not to use disinfectant sprays that contain bleach to clean your Stretch and Fresh wrap.

Did it work? Estes was very disappointed. He struggled to get Stretch and Fresh to work. It took three different bowls and several minutes of trying for him to get Stretch and Fresh to stay. Then the seal didn't last long. He found that if the Stretch and Fresh was wet at all, it would not stay in place for him. He said he definitely would not buy it.

Cost/Availability? We purchased Stretch and Fresh at Rite-id for around $10.

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