FedEx is set to make some big changes to your shipping charges. According to reports, instead of charging based on the weight of the package, FedEx will charge by the size. That will make it much more expensive to ship bulky but lightweight items. The change is expected to stop some of the current free shipping habits where customers are encouraged to buy multiple items and then return what they don't want. UPS is expected to follow suit.

LG just unveiled the refrigerator of the future. It features 'home chat,' which allows users to text the appliance and ask what's inside. Imagine how much that could help with dinner plans. As far as your grocery list goes, the frig has a built-in camera that lets users view the entire contents on their smart phone.

This Mother's Day, you may not want to go the traditional route with your gift. A new survey found that candy, chocolate and flowers are among the least desired things mom wants for her special day. So what does she want? Turns out a spa day and a nice meal are all it takes to make her happy.

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