NEWPORT NEWS -- The centerpiece of Newport News' Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza was installed Tuesday.

The Unfinished March by Ed Hamilton was delivered and installed at the plaza at Jefferson Avenue and 25th Street.

The community is invited to the unveiling at 11 a.m., Saturday, May 17, at the plaza.

About the sculpture
The Unfinished March, a massive bronze bas relief by artist Ed Hamilton, will greet visitors to the plaza from its place on a wall built for it and is the visual centerpiece of the plaza design. The front guard of a civil rights march appears to be approaching the visitor. Front and center is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his foot a beat ahead, his hand reaching out, the leader and visionary. Alongside are figures representing the foot soldiers men, women and children who stepped up and stepped out to make his dream a reality. The simple but courageous act of walking, an iconic action of the civil rights movement in the 1960s, gave visible, undeniable presence to demands that this nation honor its ideals of freedom, justice and opportunity for all citizens.

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