VIRGINIA BEACH -- Court documents filed in Pennsylvania said Nelson Hercules Jr., 30, was shirtless in a motel room with a 12-year-old girl he allegedly abducted when police found him May 23.

The Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era reported officers used GPS tracking on Hercules' cell phone to locate the pair.

Hercules, who lives in Virginia Beach, is accused of driving to Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to meet and have sex with the 12-year-old girl he met online.

'He mentioned he met some girl on some computer gaming Web site or something, and they eventually were going to go meet up one day and go camping or something,' explained Josh DeGraff, referring to a conversation he had with neighbor Nelson Hercules, Jr. 'That's as far as it went. He didn't give me any ages or anything like that, obviously.'

According to court records,a woman in Manheim Township, Pennsylvania called police Friday afternoon when her daughter didn't come home from school. She told police someone had seen her daughter get into a car with an unknown man.

A friend of the the 12-year-old said the girl had used her phone to text a man. Police traced the phone being used by that man. They said he was Hercules. The cell phone company helped them track the phone to the motel where officers found Hercules' car in the parking lot. They took him into custody and rescued the girl.

The court records said the 12-year-old was on the bed, under a blanket. Although she was wearing a dress, her pants were removed.

Hercules supposedly told detectives he knew the girl's age before he went to Pennsylvania, and that he drove there 'to have sexual intercourse.' The court paperwork said Hercules told them when he and the girl got to the motel room they '...began to kiss and he removed her leggings and rubbed her buttocks area.'

DeGraff, who hadn't seen his neighbor on Caxton Court in weeks, told 13News Now, 'After talking to him, I just wouldn't expect him to do that.'

'You know, you never know, and the fact we actually interacted with them, and got a good feeling, I feel, from this family, and, like I said, they've gone out of their way to do things for us. They've been very sweet, and just to find that out, it's crazy,' said neighbor Kelly O'Toole.

Hercules faces charges including Attempted Rape of a Child, Indecent Assault, and Kidnapping of a Minor.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

One of Hercules' family members told 13News Now he has not contacted the family since his arrest.

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