NORFOLK -- Nearly 5,000 Dominion Power customers in Norfolk were left in the dark Wednesday morning for the second time in two weeks.

Police say Raymond David Whited responsible for damaging Dominion Power equipment at Taussig substation in the Ward's Corner area and the Reeves substation downtown.

Whited faces seven charges, including multiple counts of larceny and trespassing.

It is still unknown whether Whited will face any charges for power outage that occurred in the same area on May 31.

Residents say it was miserable without air conditioning.

'It's uncomfortable because it's hot. And I feel for the elderly because I'm sure a lot of them have medical problems,' Michael Jones of Norfolk said.

Dominion's power equipment is being patrolled more frequently, which residents say is needed.

'More police presence would probably help the situation,' Jones said.

They are also working to keep customers informed about the ongoing issues.

'More communication. Send out text message alerts or something. Because there's a lot of people out here that's concerned,' Shambley said.

Officials want to remind everyone that tampering with this kind of equipment can be deadly, not only to the person doing the vandalism, but also to the people that have to make repairs.

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