We're paying more than ever for meat right now. Beef prices are at record levels with prices up 74 percent in the last five years. Meat prices are rising faster than any other food group. A prolonged drought in Texas is being blamed for the rising prices. It's causing cattle herds to remain small.

Also on the rise, the price of airfare. It went up nearly 6 percent last month. That's the steepest one month increase in 15 years. And with fuel prices on the rise and the crisis in Iraq, travelers should not expect to see a dip in ticket prices anytime soon.

Online retail giant Amazon is entering the phone wars. It's launching its first smartphone today which is expected to be able to take 3D photos. The phone -- no surprise -- might also include an online shopping app.

Okay, if you constantly misplace your car keys here's something you may want to check out. It's the new Bluetooth tags that are hitting the market. They attach right to your keychain and then connect wirelessly to your smartphone. Now you just need to make sure you don't misplace your phone.

If you liked the pretzel bacon cheeseburger Wendy's debuted for a limited time last year, here's some good news...It's coming back! And when it returns on the weekend of July 4, it might actually be here to stay.
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